It is health that is real wealth

-Mahatma Ghandi

LiveRight is here to give you the tools to empower you and your family to eat healthily and reap the benefits. With practical, science-based coaching, you can not only learn to feel great and look great but also live a longer, healthier life.


PHD from Cambridge University in Neuroscience

Prior to founding LiveRight, I worked extensively in the Life Science field with experience in some of the world’s leading academic labs, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies. Driven by a passion to help people live healthier and improve their quality of life, I have worked on the development of drugs for mental disorders, discovery of new genes in the brain and creation of food supplements.

This journey brought me to LiveRight, an initiative to share my knowledge of nutritional science and wellbeing strategy. I offer personalised nutrition and health coaching based on your unique situation, circumstances and background. With LiveRight you'll not only learn to lead a longer, happer and healther life, but also apply that knowledge to improve the lives of your loved ones.

Irina Schurov
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Why does it matter?


of disesases are a direct result of malnourishment or lack of excercise


people suffer from diabetes worldwide


people were killed by cancer globally in 2012

But this damage is preventable
70% of all deaths from stroke and cancer can be avoided by a good diet
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How I can help

Learn to LiveRight, whatever your circumstances

01 One-on-one coaching

Nutrition and health coaching tailored to your individual body, needs and lifestyle. Learn how to:

- boost your energy levels to face everyday challenges in better form
- help you and your family lead a cold and flu-free life

02 Detox and nutrition program

A structured and personalised program to rid your body of toxins and kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to:

- optimise your weight without feeling hungry
- look good on the outside and feel great on the inside

03 Wellness workshops

Don't stop at making yourself healthy - your enitre family can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to:

- get your children to eat more vegetables
- grow a healthy and happy child
- age smart

04 Group presentations

Know a group of people who could benefit from learning about healthy living? I do bespoke talks catering to any public, covering the above topics and more:

- how to better feed your brain
- how to eat healthy while travelling
- how to do a clever food shop...

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